June 3, 2008

Let's head to Europe next

Mom and the rest of the family just got home from Shanghai, China. Well, up till now, I heard enough complains from them, especially with the so unfriendly Chinese tour guide and lousy food. Apart from that, they had a good time bonding with each other, and a good time shopping. I was told that at the end of their trip, they were each given a questionnaire to complete, a rating on the tour, the tour guide, places they went and their accommodation. Well, nothing comparable to Ireland Hotels of course, but that's not their main issue there. It was the food they were served. Lousy, cheap food though they were told that they will be served hearty big meals before the trip. Bluff.
They were also asked what will be their next holiday destination, aunt note down Korea, while uncle said New Zealand. I suggested that for the next trip, we should head to Europe, since it's easy to find cheap and good Dublin Hotels or places like Cork Hotels. Furthermore, we have never been to Europe together, the whole bunch of us. Erm, I can imagine how fun it'll be when we just sit and talk over a cup of hot coffee in one of the Shannon Hotels, we'll sure have a good time. I know.


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