June 4, 2008

Not exactly a short trip to the mall

Boring afternoon, so we decided to hit Mid Valley. Boy, the moment we sat in the car, it started to pour. As you know, heavy downpour equals heavy traffic, a trip to Mid Valley normally takes half an hour, but today it took us one hour and 10 minutes just to get to Mid Valley car park this afternoon, we spent another half an hour looking for a parking space. Mom and aunty got so impatience, they got out of the car and stalked people to their car. When they finally got one at the other end of the lane, I got to make a U-turn to get there, but there was this super rude man who drives out of nowhere wanting to claim my parking space. He even scolded my aunty for blocking his space. Obviously my aunt got there first, by foot of course, but does it matter? That's a claimed territory and anyone who can drive will tell you that that's my parking space right. He's so freaking rude to my aunt because she refuse to step out of the recctangle box. Well, his car blocked me from entering, so what the heck, I let him. I told aunt to step off. Why stood down to his level. It's so clear that this man in his 50's is no wiser than a 5th grade student. Bleck..
I drove off after my aunt jumped into the car, furious as hell. Then immediately we found a parking. What a better one, at the very main entrance to the mall. Well, sometimes be a little forgiving can actually makes you feel good inside you know.
Coach is on sales! So many handbags on 30% discount. Of course I wasn't there to buy anything, just for a little research on my own. After that, we went straight to supermarket to grab some groceries. How can Isaac not want Natos- the smelly fermented bean, and a temaki handroll if not a huge pack of sushi. One hour 30 minutes later, we went home. But only after an hour and 30 minutes later, we reach home. Phew!


Woww.. that IS rude! My brother and his gf found a parking the other day and chose to reverse park but the person behind wanted the spot too.. But since they saw it first and had already signalled, they just went ahead and took the parking.

The aunty in the tudung got so furious with them and flipped them the middle finger! They were totally shocked beyond words! Some people...

Anyways, Coach on sale?? How I wish I was there! LOL!

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