June 22, 2008

You call blogging a job?

While the world gets to rest on a Sunday, a blogger like me still got to get some work done. You see, this thing about blogging is either you get your job done or you get fried. I'm now working on a car blog for my dearest husband. If you haven't know, he's in the car business. Before any other individual car sales person does this, I jumped ahead and created him a car blog for him to advertise his cars. Of course I'm not talking about big car dealership, they've got the budget to get a web designer to do it, and everything is professionally done.
A blogger works around the clock, it doesn't matter if some people are fast snoring there in some Copenhagen Hotels or some are getting their sun tan near the beach at a Las Vegas Hotel, a blogger's need to do what a blogger needs to do. Aha, don't I sound like a professional blogger for a second there?
I wish more than anyone to get a break, pack my bags and go on a holiday. Oh, yippie. We'll be away in Kuantan next week. It's the capital city for Pahang, but I'm not looking forward to staying at the hotel there, the one we stayed last year. Oh, how can they beat Aalborg Hotel? No way.


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