June 21, 2008

Is your day as gloomy?

It rained cats and dogs all day long. I already got enough of sleep, given that I woke up at 10 today, but the gloomy weather just made me yawn and want to hit the pillow and snore. I even bribed the boys to take a nap, cos both of them were just too noisy for me to handle, forgive me, but I was damn sleepy. I bribed them with a trip to the bread shop, which by the way also sells very delicious gelato ice-cream (the boys favourite ice-cream). As we were lying next to each other in bed, Shern looked over to me and said, "the sky not dark also, why must sleep now?"
I rolled and twist and turn a bit, found my hibernation spot, then bugger, hubs called asking me to send his car to the workshop, and a while later, Marcus tuition teacher came and left without picking Marcus. I got to drag myself out of bed to send Marcus off, then to the workshop. I'm really tired now, I really got to get some rest.


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