March 12, 2008

Sometimes you'll have to fight for it

Almost 5 years now, my mother has yet to get the compensation she deserved when she met with a major road accident. The driver behind the wheels was on high level of alchohol, rammed into the car my father was driving, immediately my mother passed out.

She was rushed to the hospital, and was on coma. Few days later, she woke up to a bunch of total strangers by her bedside, her loved ones. She couldn't remember us, and it was heartbreaking. She lost her memory and doctor said it will take time for her to recover. She cannot even remember our name, but once in a while, she mumbled her child hood grandmother stories. Slowly, over a span of few months, she recovered.

In many cases like my mom's, victim are not well-compensate because they didn't know what they are entitled to, or what their rights are. If you think you might have such a case to fight, a free consultation with accident compensation attorney Larry R. Demerath might help. As a personal injury attorney Omaha, he has proven himself to be capable of handling such cases.


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