March 15, 2008

My tennis buddy

Growing up, every kids has their own best friend. I have one too. We used to do everything together, in school and everywhere else. We hang out a lot at each other's house, though we are from different races, we just clicked.

Her father was a tennis coach, so you can imagine she's spoilt for choices when it comes to tennis wear like tennis skirts and the best kind of tennis racquet string available in the market. I learned a few things along the way too, like how a good quality string will not slide during play, not forgetting that it has superb grips. The only thing I regret is not taking up tennis when I can get free coaching. What a waste.

Being a great friend that she was, she always request gifts from her father's sponsor on behalf of me. How fortunate I am to have such a friend? Very. The good part is, she always get tennis freebies, and special item which are not always available in the market. On one birthday, she presented me with one of those tennis polo shirt that was really nice. It quickly became my favourite shirt for a long time.

There's so much to learn about tennis if you want. From getting a good racket to buying the right pair of tennis shoe. It takes a lot of practise to make you a good player, just like every other sports. I still adores tennis as much as I used to, maybe I'll consider taking tennis lessons in the future.


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