March 3, 2008

Japanese Garden with Koi fish pond

My brother came up to me with an amazing plan he has in mind. He wants to turn out current dirty and ugly fish pond into a Japanese Garden with a Koi fish pond. I have nothing against his big plans if he is planning to work on the project all by himself from scratch, and he has to make sure he completes it. Every single task from getting the supplies from Gardener's supply to trips to Target for tools and equipments. I should remind him to make purchases online use of the coupon codes to save money on his project. No one wants a half done pool with no Koi fishes and a sandy patch without plants.

His estimated cost upon project complication comes about 2000dollars which I think it too expensive given that he'll be working on the project all by himself. Good thing that Home depot is having an online only sales up to 50%, plus the coupon codes, I reckon this project might even cost him a thousand dollar in total.

It might be a good idea to add a piece of furniture to the garden, like a wooden garden tea table, it will sure be cool.


I feel your pain! But he may be onto something. A nice healthy waterscape (versus an ugly algae and mosquito infested mud puddle) can be a great place to do backyard barbecues with your friends!

You may want to recommend the eBook I wrote to your brother. It's a detailed yet concise guide to everything he needs to know about pond building.

It goes into great details of designing and building a pond for a healthy ecosystem.


Kevin Scott
"The Water Garden Guy"

...A pond without fish is like...well...the air without birds!

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