March 7, 2008

God is with him

I really want to thank God for his presence and his guidance on my darling hubs. Last night incidence was a real eye opener on who your true friends are. There are those who would never think twice to betray you, those who won't bat an eyelid if you got run over by a car and die on the spot. Chinese call these "pigs and dogs friends", those you can live better without. Then there are those who will make this world a better place if they are kept behind bars. Forever.

Last night, I had chills all over my body, thinking what if I have to carry on alone, and what if..and what if. Thousands of questions flooded my mind, they never did before. It sure kept me thinking. My hubs is my everything, someone I can have standing beside me for many many years to come.

I would prefer if you don't ask what happened. Why bother anyway.


i won't ask wat happened... just wanted to say i have thought of your questions before, and I came up with asking my hub to promise that he'll always always wish that i'd die before him... and yes, i want to die before he does...

I totally understand what you mean. No matter how strong a woman is, she's nothing without a husband. kelam kabut.

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