March 4, 2008

Impressive doesn't always cost a bomb

In the last exhibition I went, I was most impressed with the perfection of the exhibition in terms of layout and the organization as whole. It was sure a proved statement that the organizer had put in much effort in order to make the event a very successful one.

One of the things I note was how the organizers are willing to allocate an amount of money to make personalized trade show booths in their theme color. Besides that, they had their company banner stands placed in various places in the shopping mall to make aware the exhibition to the public. I must admit I was drawn to the exhibition by the banner.

The two days event was packed with people, because besides exhibiting their products, they also provide talks and stage event like lucky draw and games for the public. The Pipe and Drape of the stage was really impressive though it was a temporary one.

Such an event won't be so successful if no thorough planning has been made, it is wise to look for professional help when it comes to planning an exhibition, putting tiny details into consideration, even a personalized table skirts with your company logo will be worth exhibiting.


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