March 12, 2008

She's so into it

I was having a conversation with my mother on where she should place the computer in her house, so that she can monitor my 12 year old brother internet activities easily. She mentioned how she love to have the computer in the room, which I was against because I think that it would be easier for parents to keep an eye on their kids with the computer in the living room.

Anyway, my mom, she surprised me when she mentioned that she wants to get a laptop! For someone who doesn't know how to use a computer, she really gave me a shock just like my aunt. My aunt, who is also a computer illiterate, got a laptop as a valentines gift from her husband.

The reason she wants a laptop is to keep her occupied during the daytime when her husband goes to work. She loves playing
online casino, her all time favourite past time. She even mentioned to my mom how interesting the casino games are, no wonder my mom now dreams of having her own laptop. A laptop just to play jackpot slot machine on vegas casino, can you believe it? Oh yes, believe it.


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