March 7, 2008

It's friday but no one is taking it easy

It's been a hectic morning for me. I went to the supermarket for some grocery shopping and then to the post office. Got back home, then hubs got to leave his car at the workshop for some servicing, so I got to pick him up from there. Then we went to grab some quick lunch before heading to the hospital for hubs check up. He has been feeling chest discomfort for the past few days and he was quite worried.

Well, the doctor said everything is fine but hubs insist on getting an x-ray. After the x-ray which confirmed hubs lungs is 100% alright, doctor said something that makes hubs look somehow stupid.

"you want to be completely well, then you got to stop smoking". He's talking my thoughts. Good.


hi. i agree with you and the doctor. your hubby's gotta quit smoking! it'll not only harm the lungs but is also one of the premature causes of aging.

i also struggle to keep my husband from smoking. its quite a challenge, i must say...


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