March 13, 2008

My FOC mechanic

From a very young age, my husband show great interest in cars. He'll be at the neighbourhood workshop for an entire day, stand aside and watch the mechanics do their job. He wasn't good academically, and when he dropped out of school at the age of 17, it was a natural step for him to pursue his interest. From there, he progress to becoming a race car driver, then to opening a car dealership.

I would say that his life revolves around cars, or the cars around him. Even now, he has his own workshop for repairing his own cars. A car garage I call it his toy shop. But as for engine overhaul or transmission unit, he prefers to buy it from suppliers like midwest auto recycling that provides a durable and good service. It saves his time having to recondition these parts himself.
Every time my car breaks down, I know I can always depend on my personal mechanic. Free of charge.


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