March 4, 2008

One mail after another, and it's all insurance

First the car insurance company sent me a letter reminding me that my car insurance is almost due and I have no idea about it until a mail came for me. From an insurance company I don't remember I signed up for. Reason being, my husband deals with all the cars matter, from paying the road tax to servicing the cars. And then, another mail came from my Courier Insurance company to remind me that my yearly premium is due already. All this is going to cost me a few thousand dollars.

Imagine how much people nowadays spend on insurance, from vehicle insurance to life insurance. A lot. It's hard to come across a person who never owns insurance of any kind. Even parents insured their newborn babies, be it for educational purposes or otherwise.

It is very important to choose a trustworthy insurance company that provides excellent service, good coverage at very competitive price. In view of that, it is crucial to look into the available options and not rush into making a decision. Just like when my aunt decided to stop paying for her life insurance premium of
over 20 years, she was told she's getting back nothing. Not even a single dollar. As furious as she was, every thing was stated in black and white, there's no way she could fight for her money back. Don't let this happen to you, get professional help if you're unsure of your decision.


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