March 13, 2008

I say: Reward yourself

I'm really happy for my other half, my twin sister. She's someone I would call a high flyer. She has achieved so much in her career, she has come a long way to get what she has today. I'm proud to say she deserved it all. All of it. So when she asked me if it's a good idea to splurge on an expensive watch, to be exact, a patek philippe, I said "Go for it".

She's a very successful banker, dealing with the rich and famous customers, those customers who will not settle for anything lesser than driving a Bentley and owns a collection of patek phillipe watches. These very rich people probably buy breitling watches for their 10 year old kids.
Anyone in the customer service will tell you that appearance is everything, besides being brainy. In a way, it makes you connect to your customers on the same level, the least you have to do is look presentable, look like half a million dollar man, if not a million. I cannot be more proud than having such a sister, someone so young, but yet so successful.


yeah... i'd say go for it too. that watch is really superb!

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