March 10, 2008

If I get to go...

My aunties and uncles will be going on a family trip to China this coming May, but I won't be going with them. Well, I've been to China many times enough to know how the entire China looks like. It'll be more or less the same, might be worst in some rural areas, with toilets with no doors. I used to go to China a lot when hubs rally there for the China team.

Hopefully, my next vacation plan will be one of the western country namely the UK or US. My hubs promised me a Europe trip long long time ago but I'm not very sure if he's free to bring me yet. I would love to visit my friend in New York, if I get to apply for the US visa. You see, I'm a stay-at-home mom with no income, I might not meet the least of the criterias post by the immigration.

But if I get to go, I really need to plan my trip well, that includes saving on my travelling expediture, booking of New York Hotel, get one of those guaranteed nice and lowest in price hotel. In that case, I'll have more money to go shop till I drop. Brilliant idea isn't it?


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