March 11, 2008

It's pouring outside, and I came home with no blinds

It's crazy outside the streets now. The rain is still pouring big time and the roads, ouch are so congested. Some places are flooded but I'm talking about nothing too serious here. I made it home from after a tour around town from subang (to the bank)-sunway (hubs left his bmw at the paintshop)-sg buloh(pick up his subaru from friend's showroom)-sunway( left the subaru in another workshop to change the tinted glass) and back home.
Just like that, I wasted 4 hours. But I'm glad I settled my issues with the bank, I can sleep better tonight.

As for the blinds, I forgotten all about it just now. I'll keep that errand in my tomorrow to-do-list. We'll see how. I need to be at the airport tomorrow to pick up my eldest sister who will be coming home from Dubai. What if I don't have the time? Ouch, 24 a day. Is it really enough?


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