August 28, 2008

Queue after queue..

At last, I got my new passport after 3 trips to the Immigration office. We went there yesterday at lunch time and the Immigration was packed like peas in a can! My queue number tells me that there's sort of like 100+ people ahead of me. Darn. I hate waiting, and what more Shern's daddy. There's no way he's going to spend hours waiting, sitting around like a fool when he has a thousand other errands to run. So we left.

This morning, I woke up at 7am, hurried myself hoping that I'll get there before the immigration open its door. I should have wake up earlier,but too late, I was caught in a bad traffic jam and got there only at quarter to eight. I was number 36 on the queue and that took me like 2 hours to be attended, and another queue to make my payment.
Passport will only be ready in 2 hours, and I was told to get a queue number to collect my passport. I just couldn't wait there, I was so sleepy I drove home and jumped into bed, with Shern.

Then again at 3.30pm, after I picked up Marcus from his Kumon class, then only I went to collect my passport, the queue in the evening started to die off. I got my passport within 10 minutes of waiting. Must say that the Immigration office system and their services has improved tremendously. Overall, 9 brownie points.

New passport. Yippie. Go holiday!!


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