August 29, 2008

Canola oil and Aspartame

Was at local pharmacy today, and there's this sign put up that reads: DO NOT USE CANOLA OR CORN OIL, ITS DEADLY> BIG RISK OF HEART ATTACK. Another sign next to it, DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING THAT SAYS IT'S SUGAR FREE, IT CONTAINS ASPARTAME, ALSO DEADLY.

Of course, reading it, it gave me a hell of a shock. All the while, I grew up thinking Canola oil is the best, given that it's double the price of our normal palm oil, so it should be good right. Mom warned us times and times again to buy canola oil for cooking, its healthier she said. She's quite a health freak person, so I bet she is right. Now, I shall add, she was wrong.
Do your own research, google it, read it. It's all over the Internet. It's scary even to read it. Canola oil is said to be the best heart artery clogging recipe. Yucks.

To Diet drinks lovers especially, kick off that bad habit before it ruins you and your body. Again, google Aspartame and read it for yourself. The world is now a scary place, what you eat can silently kill you inside. Oh shit.


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