August 24, 2008

The Ultimate Flirting Championship

Some girls, remain single even into their 30's because they are very very choosy people. Like they themselves are so very perfect, they want the world's most eligible bachelor. Rich, drives a sports car, lives in a big mansion, with a big pay check and with at least 6 digits savings account. For these girls, it's all about waiting for their prince charming to show up miraculously one day. Bullshit isn't it?

As for guys, it's all almost the same. They want a girlfriend with a pretty face and gorgeous sexy body to die for. But when it comes to courting girls, some failed miserably. You know why, because they failed to impress a girl with their pick-up lines. I just don't know how they got the courage to muster some of these stupid lines like, "can I have your number because I just lost mine?" or "Did you just fall from heaven?" Aiks. What a big turn off. They seriously need Victory Hair, a hair style to die for, for a girl to fall for them. Otherwise, slim chance or no chance to pick up a girl at all.

Come on, I dare you to take the Extreme Style by VO5, the Ultimate Flirting Championship game and see how good you can flirt. Find me there, I'm
FeatheredFaye. Spot me, I'm the one with the sexy victory hair.

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