August 27, 2008

The look he loves about me..

Seriously, my husband is not a wee bit of a romantic person. Not the flower bouquet, chocolate type of husband, even during courtship days. He's not a good flirt, not a person you can see in the Ultimate Flirting Championship at all. Up till now, he sometimes even joked about how flirtatious I was when we first met, but come on, he knows me well enough that I'm not a good flirt. That was really just my killer look that sent him all head over heels over me. LOL. Like this.

Nice smile there, maybe. But ouch, my hair is all over my face. Scary messy isn't it. If only I get some tips with the Extreme Style by VO5 , I think I'll look much better in that photo. Agree? Just as I was writing this, hubby came over to tell me that I look good in that photo. Those days.
But now, after having a baby, my face is all round and chubby, not to even mention my hair. It's like I'm having bad hair day, everyday now. I want my Victory Hair back.

He's a very nice person once you got to know him, thought some people might think he's a little arrogant, because he normally will not speak to people he's not close to. But one thing for sure, he's a lousy flirt. What about you? I dare you to take the Flirting test here.

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