August 21, 2008

Got your Halloween Costume?

Juggling my time between blogging, raising a very active toddler and taking care of the entire family is not a piece of cake. So, you can't blame me for missing a few important dates on the calendar. My sister reminded me earlier to buy a cake for my 7 years old nephew as today is his birthday but I totally forgotten about it. Where am I suppose to find a cake at 10pm at night? No choice but he got to wait for tomorrow for a belated birthday cake.

I really should make a habit on marking important dates on the calendar, or a quick note on my iphone calendar. Anyway, Halloween is coming up and we still haven't got any special plans in mind. But I'm sure it will be fun dressing up the kids in fireman costumes, policeman or even a typical pirates. I once dressed up as a female Ninja, thinking of scaring the kids, but instead my two year old son came to hug me and called mommy. Hiding behind that black scarf and thick frame glasses, he still recognises me. That was hilarious.

Imagine Shern dressing up as Tipsy from the Teletubbies like this. Isn't it cute? Imagine him tripping over and over again in this cute silly suit.
Hands down, Shern will love this Racing suit costume so much, he might even want to wear it to sleep if I let him. Oh, so many Halloween costumes to choose from, so little time.

Whatever it is, when dressing up the kids, it's very important to make sure that Halloween Costume safety aspect are taken into consideration before dressing up their kids especially for those costumes with full face mask or fluffy feather materials that tends to caught fire very easily. Or even with kids wearing fancy decorative contact lenses, always take extra precaution because kids do get infection much easier than adults do.

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