August 19, 2008

Lovely dress, I like!

Love the details on the dress, it's off-white in color matched with a brown 2 inches ribbon. Bought this beautiful dress a week ago, and wondering what to do with it. No No. I actually planned on giving it to my sister if it doesn't fit. So now you know it doesn't fit. Exactly where, I'll tell you. The chest! Darn. I hate free-sizing clothings! They're all meant for aneroxic people or people with less than 5% body fat. Hello, I'm a mother with a 'mommy's pouch', not a 16 year old with sexy curves you see lying on the beach.


that can be a perfect wdg dress for a beach theme wdg...i like.

Hi Carol,
thanks for visiting. Ya, this dress will go very nice with wedding, but just not on me. sigh.

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