August 28, 2008

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

I used to think that shoe obsession is only a thing for women. Basically every woman has at least 5 pairs of shoes. For a shoe-a-holic, they might even have up to hundreds of pairs of heels, flats, stilettos, boots, sports shoes and another dozen of Blowfish Women's Shoes. Little did I know that men can be equally obsessed with shoes. But with men, it's mostly with their Blowfish Men's Shoes, trainers, collectible item or anything of that sort.

Funny how kids can also love shoes that much. Take my 6 years old little nephew for instance, he just love buying shoes. He has sports, casual, leather, and even one that looks like a racing shoe. Perhaps it's the influence from us adults, perhaps we spoilt them. How people used to only survive wearing one shoe for an entire season or a whole year until it's torn, you might think? There's no luxury in buying shoes in every design and in every different color. Blowfish Shoes is only something they can dream off. We people living in this era are just a bunch of lucky stars, aren't we?


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