August 11, 2008

All kids just love Nintendo

Don't they? I don't know about other parents, but I see harm when little kids gets no adult supervision when it comes to watching the television, or play computer games like 24/7. I'm not trying to sound like the perfect parent here, but I believe that kids will grow up into a person the way they are brought up. And here, watching too much television programs or playing long hours of Nintendo Wii can only mean that they're spending much lesser time learning academically.

My 6 year old nephew has a Nintendo DS Lite, but he knows well that he only gets to play it when I allow him to. Say, after he completes his school work and additional homework I gave him. As a reward, he gets his Nintendo DS Lite. With supervision, I can track his playing time and make sure that he doesn't get too attached to his games and not study at all.

I've seen kids who are so gadget-pro, but sadly that can only mean one thing. They do not excel academically. Having seen it all, I'd hope that I know how to deal with my son and my nephew.


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