July 12, 2008

Kids just can't get enough of games

What do you know when you were 6 years old? Or even 3 years old? I remember I can't even read ABC or write 123. But my nephew and my son aged 2 years 7 months old know so much about cars, their toys and even know how to operate a PSP, not to mention Playstation 3. Honestly, if you were to ask me if I am good at any computer or Playstation game, I am lousy.
You might think that since I spend so much time blogging on the computer, I am good at playing online games or any computer game. I'm sure not. Let's just say that computer games don't sound as interesting to me as to blogging. My son is not even 3 years old, but he already requested that I buy him a PSP! But as far as mommy is concerned, no one's buying any games for the kids. I seriously think that if you want your kids to be good academically, you should let them stay away from playing all these games, doesn't matter if it's just a gameboy, Xbox or computer games.


Hi Leena, here's sth for u to smile about:

sorry i havent visited in a long while. happy new blog look, huh!

take care.

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