July 9, 2008

Busy like I'm a C.E.O

If you did noticed, I haven't got much to blog about lately. Really, I've been really busy though I can't tell you exactly what I did. A day routine will be something like this, wake up, shower, then out for breakfast tea with hubs and Shern, then hubs will be off to work, then we'll normally spend an hour or two at home, do the usual stuff like check the mail, check out what errands to run, and off we'll go out till dinner time. Shern usually goes to bed at 8pm, but of late, he always endded up sleeping at 10/11pm. Blame it on the shopping.
For the past one and a half week, we've got guests at home, which also mean a lot of shopping trips to the mall. I mean really a lot, like at least5 hours everyday. Our new maid is doing fine, and we quite like her. Bug bad news now is that my maid decided not to renew her working permit anymore, she wants to go back to Indon to get married. Ouch, their story of marrying and divorcing is all too common, it's like they can almost marry a stranger. I offered her a hundred ringgit pay rise and she refused, so let her go home for good, get married and live happily ever after.
Got to hit the pillow for now. Very tired. As usual, I had a very long day. Nights for now.


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