September 10, 2008

Apple- a new definition in a new generation

Do you still remember what you could do when you were 2 or even 3 years old? I remembered I could ride a tricycle, dig in the sand and also create big mess everywhere every time. It wasn't my intention to be such a troublemaker, I did tried to make things right, like when I tried to wash my own plate, I ended up smashing the plate on the floor. After all, back in the 80's, there's no such thing as entertainment, unlike what kids nowadays have. Furthermore, though we were born into a rich family, sad to say, the sole breadwinner of the family, my grandmother that is, is the most thrifty women in the entire town, she never buys us toys. So, we made use of what we had, some rubbers for burning, and a rusty pot to cook, pretending to be chef or mother. Whatever you want to call it. Back then, the only Apple we know is a fruit, what do we know a thing about Apple iPhone!
20 years later, things changed and people too. Kids nowadays are brought up in a totally opposite environment. No parents would allow their kids to roam around the neighbourhood all by themselves, or cycle freely around town. They'd rather spend the money buying Apple iPod for their kids and locked them in the safety of their homes. Take my almost 3 years old boy for example, he is expose to these hi-tech gadgets from a very young age, he's now such a pro when it comes to playing with my iPhone. He knew where's the iPod player, Youtube, or how to even call his daddy on his own. He can even play Mario on his cousin's Nintendo DS.
I don't know about the future, but one thing for certain, our kids won't be bragging to their kids about what an amazing childhood they had, things like climbing a tree, catching tadpoles from the monsoon drain or even bathing naked in the backyard. Well, they might even think we had a crazy childhood. Whatever.


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