September 6, 2008

Anti-Shopping Hubs

My hubs is the kind of fella who never ever like shopping. Asking him to go to a mall is just as bad as telling him to step into a tank of cow dang. So, after dinner today, I told him I wanted to get some veges and groceries from a nearby hypermarket, as usual, he rolled his eyes. ::Big Roll::
What is so difficult about going to a mall? You know, he did the usual thing, dropped us off at the parking, telling us to go ahead and that he'll join us later. But the thing is, he never ever join us. Not even after he got a parking. That's just him and his lame excuse.

But today, he had Shern for company. They went for a stroll, daddy brought him for a kiddy ride, bought him sliced pineapple and mango. When we got home, daddy told me he had a great time hanging up with his son. When daddy told Shern that he's having a backache, Shern immediately insist that daddy puts him down to walk. After a short stroll around the mall, Shern offered his 100plus to his daddy because he thinks daddy must be quite thirsty. He's such a darling to daddy. Maybe he sees mommy all the time, he just doesn't seems to 'care' so much about me. Maybe mommy should just go find a job. Maybe not.


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