September 1, 2008

A documentary on little people

Last night, we watched a documentary about little people, the dwarfs. Shern find those little people fascinating, he calls them 'baby' though the fact that they're all grown up. At such a tender age, he still doesn't understand how some people can be less fortunate than we are. Some are little, some are handicapped and some are born with disease.
I tried to explain to him how blessed we are, that we're all born healthy and normal. Very often, we take it for granted, how we could walk and run freely, talk normally and how our eyes can see things. But I guess, he's too young to really appreciate or even understand what I'm trying to tell him.
I've seen parents with handicapped kids, these kids need supervision 24/7, and that makes it impossible for the parents to even leave them alone for a good 10 minutes. Not to mention that bringing them out from the house will be a tedious thing to do, because this country that we're living in, in not the most handicapped friendly place on earth. Many places still do not even have handicapped toilet, not to mention other proper facilities. But for the love of their kids, they will honestly tell you they have no regrets, no complains and no shame of having such a kid. In many ways, they are truly angels.

I myself make it a point not to complain much about my kid. When others tell me how he has dark skin, or curly hair, or even small eyes like me, I brushed them away by saying, "as long as he's healthy, appearances doesn't matter". Always be thankful for what you have.


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