September 2, 2008

Certified male nursing assistant

A couple of days back, I read in the newspaper a very interesting article from the health minister. The government is calling for more male to take up nursing as a professional job. Currently, in our country, the male ratio of certified nursing assistant is way much lesser than the female.

Why do many people sees that nursing is a female job? We cannot deny the fact that for centuries, female are the majority nursing assistant not only for this country but worldwide. That got me thinking. Why is it so? If a male can become a doctor, why can't they take up nursing as a professional job too? It doesn't make them any less manly, if I may add.
While a female nurse can be more attentive and more caring towards the patient, a male nurse, on the other hand, can also do the job equally good plus they have the strength as a very good nurses aid to the ailing patients. Don't you think so? Let's hope that this call from the government will urge many more male to really consider to be a nurse.


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