September 27, 2008

Another nigthmare begins

After what the previous maid did, I can honestly tell you I'm fed up with them already. We used to have 2 live-in maids, but that didn't turn out very well because they tend to keep each other's secret and got it all wrapped up among themselves. The maid we have now is yet another nightmare, and of late, she's showing her true colors, with all her lies, only to think that we're stupid.
My husband's prepaid phone simcard went missing, and she said she knew nothing about it. I knew she has it but she kept denying everything. If she wants to continue acting her innocence, I'm telling you, she'll be out of this house very soon. I cannot see myself compromise a maid I cannot trust. No way that is ever going to happen.

She better not let me find the missing simcard, else I'm so going to trace all her calls with reverse phone lookup service on No worries, because Reverse phone lookups is totally confidential, they can trace a phone number or any missed calls from unknown phone numbers or an unknown number that appeared in my phone bill. This new maid knew exactly why the previous maid was sacked, after what happened with the last maid having secret flings with her boyfriends over her secret phone, she better not mess around with me.


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