December 19, 2008

New maid has arrived

I'm not so busy anymore. No more doing dirty laundry, sweeping and mopping the floor, no more cleaning the dogs shit 2 times a day, no more housework because the maid has finally arrived after two long suffering months of waiting.

After so many lousy maids, we didn't dare to have high expectation on the new maid, but thank God she turned out better than what we thought. She's a little dumb, but we think dummer is better than some sleek cat. She's pretty hands on with the house work, so that really helps.
I just didn't thought it's been this long since I last blog, times really flies. I'm just so grateful the new maid is quite good because that only means I can have more ME time. Yeah.


Welcome back to blogging. :)
Truly agreed that dumb is better than those sleek one.

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