November 19, 2007

i need ESET asap!

i'm so sick of having to reformat my personal computer every few months, it seems that all the anti spyware, and anti virus that i used so far failed to protect my computer from getting virus attack and spyware. and of late, my computer has been acting funny by shutting down by itself. it made me waste a lot of time and effort having to re-do what i did because i always forget to save my work. furthermore, i don't know when the computer feels like shutting down, so how am i suppose to know when to save my work beforehand right?

i read about ESET online. it claimed to be the most efficient computer security software available in today's market, after years of effort in research and trials. it has a combination of Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, Exploits, and Firewalls. moreover, they have a team of dedicated customer support system that attends to the need of their customers. i need my computer everyday, i think i better get this Computer Security Software as soon as possible.


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