November 29, 2007

i get paid to blog

Who would have thought a stay-at-home mom like me will be earning some extra cash from blog advertising? it all started with a baby blog, then a personal blog for my own thoughts and scribbles. Smorty got me all started with get paid to blog when i signed up a couple of months back. I couldn't be happier when my blogginginmypyjamas blog was approved two days back. having two blogs is never so manageable. haha. i seem to be doing a great job maintaining my two blogs writing personal and get paid to blog by writing honest reviews and providing a link back to the advertiser.

if you're a stay-at-home mom like me, you might want to try blogging for money. you never know how far you can go or how much you can earn if you never try. With a few help from other bloggers, a new blogger like me starts rolling a little by little amount of cash into my paypal account. part of the joy is having a little financial freedom, so much so, i can buy gifts for those i love with the money i got from advertise on blogs.


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