November 8, 2007

To Paris again

back in 2001, i went to Paris with my family. I just graduated that time, and jobless. Though we had fun in Paris, i wished i had more money then, for shopping. We were on a tight budget and stayed in the cheapest hotels in paris we can find. Paris, one of the world's top destination for shopping, but what i did was window shopping. I told myself back then that one fine day in the future, i'm coming back to shop till i drop. Probably one of the best time to visit is during the Paris fashion week but no doubt many hotels in france will be fully booked.

Of course I'm goin back to visit the Russian Church L'Eglise Russe, one of the most beautiful ever built outside of Russia, similar to St. Basel's in Moscow. Paris has lots of impressive buildings with unique architectual designs you can find in the world, not only on cathedrals, museums, but also on nice hotels. I'm sure going there one day, maybe wedding anniversary is a good time to go.


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