November 22, 2007

our home, the earth is all we have

many years ago, hubby bought a piece of land in hope that one day he'll save enough money to build a house, comfortable enough to be a home. that piece of land is still vacant till today. call it financial problem. what made hubby attracted to the housing area was the how excluded it is from the hustle and bustle of the city. most importantly, there is no manufacturing plant within a 40 kilometre radius. at least we'll have some decent and clean air to breathe, surrounded by greenary.

Sad to say, the air has long been polluted. Many neglected the importance of Environmental Health and Safety- EHS Software implementation. at this rate the world manufacturing is going, with mass and mass load of production everyday, i dare not think how damaging it is to our health, more over for the generations to come. Which is why it is very important for business to have EHS Compliance Software to help them do their bit in saving the environment, be it in waste management, Chemical Inventory Management, Risk Management Planning and much much more.

With such implementation such as EHS Metrics Software, Environmental Data Solutions Group helps business stay in compliance with government regulations about the environment. If only everybody can do their bit in taking care of the environment, then maybe there will be a better future for the generations to come.


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