November 14, 2007

the great plan for a carport

the initial plan was to build an extension of our home and turn it into a car garage. but we scrapped the plan as the extension was too expensive and it crossed way too much from our budget. hubby suggested we that we look into other alternatives of building a carport garage. perhaps like one of those steel buildings, where they stacked it up like logo pieces. just in case we need to dismantle it at a later time, we could easily do so without incurring too much labour and dismantling cost. we could even do it ourselves. i heard it's a piece of cake for the 'do-it-yourselfer'.

if you did notice, those metal buildings are actually more durable and more cost-effective, given that you could re-use your steels for another project when you decided to tear it down years later. which is why many used it for building industrial factory, aircrafts hangers, agricultural uses and many more.


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