November 10, 2007

i love classic extravaganza chandeliers

hubs and i, we were having a conversation on "when am i getting my dream home?" as always, he said "wait". i really don't mind a moderate size home with a nice lawn, not a mansion the size of two football field. ok, i'll wait then.
hubby has this thought of getting a nice house with classy light fixtures that gives warmth and comfort to the house. hubby loves simple modern style but i'm into classic extravaganza style. i personally loves having chandeliers in my home, especially those made of swasroski clear cystals that sparkles like real diamonds. I know where i could get the nicest chandelier with the cheapest price. At Farreys, quality comes first, so i can be sure that what i'm getting can last a very long long time.
Talking about
home lighting, now i remember my bathroom light fixtures needs to be change. Honestly, i'm sick of the ugly bathroom light, i should just get it changed, rather than just changing a bulb.


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