November 29, 2007

the ex factor

that year was 2001. i had the most amazing episode of falling in love. his name is ben. we were working together in Treacle Moon, the most posh and glamourous restaurant at Tyneside River, facing the Quayside, the view was amazing. every night, we'll take a walk down the river like many other couples, declaring our love for each other over and over again. we were so very caught in this crazy romantic thing called love. the touch was magical, the kisses made me float.

then the time came for me to leave Newcastle, i didn't want to leave him behind but i have to get back to my family. we want so much for our relationship to work out, but maintaining a long distance relationship is not an easy thing. We text-ed and email each other endless time a day for many months. the content were always the same, miss you and love you. it was like being in love with an imaginary friend, no physical boyfriend to hold and to hug. i hang on, before love is full of hope.

one day, i received a letter of love. i was overjoyed. in the letter, he said the relationship has wears off, or so he claimed. i almost want to die. he can at least talk to me over the phone, let me have my say. but i didn't get the chance to, because all my calls and emails were unanswered. what a chicken. as hard as it was, i moved on. thank God i didn't kill myself over a chicken.


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