November 21, 2007

my mary jane blister relief

i love my mary jane shoe, but i could no longer bear wearing it. there's an old wives saying that you should first bite your new shoe before you wears it to prevent your feet from getting blister. maybe so. i didn't bite it. everytime i wear it out, i come home with a worse blister than before. and you thought wearing it overtime makes it go away. NO.

luckily, i don't have to suffer anymore. i found this Blister Relief where you just need to patch it to your shoe and it gurantees no blisters. the good thing about this blister patch is that it goes on the shoe not your feet. so you don't have to worry about getting a new patch everytime you put on your shoes. in my case, my pink mary janes. i can't wait till i get my blister patch, then i'll really get to enjoy parading my mary janes around.


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