November 30, 2007

if the internet has bored you, read this

if the internet has bored you, and you're thinking there's nothing better you can do with the internet, then perhaps you should also start a blog like me. before i discover this thing called blogging, internet used to be for email purposes only. period.

there i was thinking, what is it that people do on the internet, they can be at it for hours and hours without getting bored. then now i know why. there are so many things i can write about, so many other blogs to read. then there's the Sweepstake that offers really cool free gifts like apple i phone, HDTV and designer's handbag. and of course, tonnes of cash prizes to win too.

What makes bid4prizes so interesting is the fact that it's a
text based reverse-auction game, where the lowest unique bid will win the prize. Yes. I mean lowest unique bid, not the highest. you might want to try this. it's super cool. you could win something everday.

i'll share with you another time what other interesting thing you can do online. for now, it's sweepstake.


Cool tip--will check it out! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for commenting. I thoroughly clean the carpets about every three months--with two kiddos they get gross quickly! We only have carpet in the bedrooms so it just takes a few hours to clean them all.

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