November 26, 2007

the skill of self defense

boys will be boys. by now, i think i understand boys as good as any super nanny or super mommy already. when i have to babysit 7 nephews and a son at one time, i can almost hear my roof tears apart. they will fight and wrestle with each other like there's no referee. and i must say it drives me crazy too.

Perhaps it'll be a good idea to send them off to Close Combat Training when they're all old enough, let them learn the proper training of fighting and self defense by the World Leader In Self Defense, the famous and most well known Captain Chris Pizzo. For many many years, he has coached and educated thousands of people of the skill of self defense.

It is very important to know that The Truth About Martial Arts is not just about knocking elbows off and bringing people down. It incorporated good values to learn from too. Captain Chris' Close Combat offers a no obligation free trial training, you could try it for yourself too.


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