November 28, 2007

joint paints not just a granny thing

::this is a sponsored post::

don't assume only grannies get joint pains. Usually, the cause is heredity. so chances are high you'll be getting it if your parents has it. it causes pain when the cartilage, a layer of smooth, tough tissue that cushions the bones wears off. over time, when the bones rub against each other, it can swell and cause stiffness and pain. In more severe cases, deformity.

With the advancement in the surgery procedure, this corrective surgery can be easy peasy job, especially for a well known orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Allen Gustafson. He make sure patients fully understand their option by giving them a thorough evaluation and accurate diagnosis of joint pain, or if they ever need a knee replacement. if they do, every care will be taken to ensure a full and pleasant recovery.


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