November 11, 2007

the 1974 ford escort

few years back, my then boyfriend, now hubby bought a 1974 ford escort for four thousand dollars. given that it was so cheap, he knows he'll have to spend a lot repairing many worn parts such as the gear oil, the Ford Radiator, the brake pads and such. he spent about another four thousand repairing it.
he has a great passion for the car because that was the first car he gets to drive when he was a teenager and he loved it. Imagine after so many years and so many previous owners, the state of the car was miserable. it should be scrapped long time ago but he bought it anyway. The most expensive part he spent is probably the radiator. a good radiator like those from has the highest quality OE style and aftermarket parts, so they're likely to last a lifetime. They comes with a lifetime warranty anyway.


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