November 28, 2007

chinese are universal gamblers

chinese. one thing they're good at is gambling. i'm not pointing a finger. i'm a chinese too. people say gambling is in the chinese blood, and to certain extent, i must say it's true. no matter where a casino is, you'll never fail to see a chinese gambler. in fact, many chinese gamblers. that can almost prove my point.

as for the younger generation chinese, more and more are trying their luck on online gambling site such as this site provides free reviews on which online casino is best for playing poker, roulette, slot machines, black jack and such. it also states the percentage of payout for each sites so to let you know where your bet might make you money.
for some superstitious chinese, knowing where the big bonus is gives an optimistic start to a game. whatever your gambling style is, sometimes, a little luck is all you need to win big.


Hi Shern's Mom (Leena) - tnx for droppin at my blog. Am so honored to add this blog and the other blog. :)

Your question on chocolate porridge? Pls click on the wikipedia Porride and read more on the Mexican type of porridge which they call CHAMPURADO. The rice porridge is being mixed with cocoa powder, add some sugar to sweeten it. or if you like to add milk powder too, it taste more yummy. It's a good afternoon snacks for kids.

hi sunshine,
thanks for havin interest in readin my blogs. i've linked you i'll be seeing you very often from now on.

ya, chocolate porridge. i don't know my little boy will fancy it. maybe i'll try makin it one day. thanks for sharin.

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