November 19, 2007

if i'm a mutli-millionaire

if only i am a multi-millionaire, i have so many things i wanted to do. buy a huge house with 15 bedrooms, a guest room each for my 10 siblings, my parents, my maids plus a mini-theatre, a gym i know i'll be too lazy to use, which will ended up more like a health equipment display room, a soundproof kids play room.

besides that, i love to have the freedom to travel to the places i've always wanted to go, but because i couldn't afford it, i didn't. i'll fly my entire family with all expenses paid trip to Europe. Having said that, i'll have to pre-booked the hotel as Paris Hotels and London Hotels because these two places are the main holiday attraction in Europe and i sure didn't want to ended up sleeping on the street. As for Barcelona Hotels and Berlins Hotels, i know i can book it through the internet as they offer much cheaper rate if i booked it in advance. I hope all this can be turned into a reality very soon. I can't wait.


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