November 28, 2007

a special christmas gift

i love this. i love this. this is sure going to be one of my christmas wish list. a digital photo frame. wait, maybe i can buy loads of it and give it away as christmas gift and ended up with a big hole in my purse. at least i get 5% off for christmas crazy special.

it comes in a few different sizes, from 7" to 15". choose any frame that suits your taste, it comes in aluminium coated, black or white acrylic.

it's super easy to use. just upload the photos from your digital camera to the digital picture frame. it's compatible with most video and photos format so you don't have to worry about not being able to play you video clips. when playing a photo slide show, you can even add a music mp3 to be played in the background. this is totally cool and i love it so.
Sit back and enjoy viewing photos and video clips from your high tech digital frames. yeah, it comes with a remote control.


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