November 29, 2007

healthy living is the only way

i was on the chatting with my sis on IM when i told her how people died of heart attack because the lack of exercise. over time, the fats accumulate in the blood vessel and it clots the passage, thus a heart attack. this is a society in need of a serious calling for a healthy life, eat and live healthy.
we could start with doing exercise, and start losing weight. it helps minimize the risk of getting heart attack. in most cases, the obese or very fat people are prone to getting sick, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and heart attack. has a range of health supplement to help individual lose weight. Absolute Nutrition CBlock Carbo blocker helps drain away carbo instead of keeping it in the body. Price is cheap too, at $14.95 for 90 tablets, it's about half the regular selling price.
Macho man with 6 packs, you think workout is all they do? chances are they religiously take supplements like muscle milk and NO-Xplode, the world’s first and only pre-workout supplement that creates instant results in power, mass, pumps, performance, mental focus, and workout intensity.

With some exercise and some help from pre-workout supplement, hopefully the weight will shed off soon to a lighter healthier me.


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