November 16, 2007

playing paintball is fun

on the way to the seafood restaurant the other day, we passed a field with some fancy blocks, some sort like an army camp. i thought it looked like a playground, until my sister told me that it's a field for playing Paintball.

oh, interesting. how i wish i can gather all my enemies, especially those who had backstabbed me and hit them down one by one in the paintball field like the Normandy war-like situations. that would be so much fun isn't it? Check out the D-Day video if you don't get what i mean.

Besides that, you can also check out the product review of the Paintball Gear, know what you need to know before making a decision to buying Paintball Guns to know which gun suits you best. for me, sure it'll be the introductory level guns and markers, if you're as good, go for the highly professional super guns. Most important aspect of all, make sure you adhere to the safety rules and regulations when you're playing. just don't get too crazy.


wow very nice! Paintball is always a good sport/activity to get into! Just make sure to always wear your mask! safetyfirst!

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