November 12, 2007

capture the moments on video

one of the function my iphone lacks is the video capturing feature. i can't believe such a big manufacturer missed that tiny detail, which to consumer is everything. now how can i capture the moment of my little boy's cute act? his first time riding on a bicycle, his first time trying wasabi, first time singing a song? i will not able to capture it then. sigh..

i've told hubs so many times about my wish of getting a video camera. Who knows i might have a hidden talent for taking amazing world class high definition video. Maybe then i could sell my clip to AlwaysHD who then sells it to production companies, such as advertising agencies, broadcast television studios, documentary producers, independent filmmakers, who are interested in owning them. Don't be surprised if you see my little boy on tv one day. Then you'll know i do really have talent!


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